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Welcome to DigitalCard.Agency, your ultimate solution for digital review cards. Collect, manage, and display customer reviews with ease while enhancing your brand identity. Our NFC and QR Code-enabled cards make it simple for customers to leave feedback, and our customization options allow you to add your unique logo.

Digital Card

Great for Networking and Sharing Important Links

($99 Setup fee)
$ 25
/ annually
  • Includes Landing Page For All Website and Social links.
  • Includes 2 NFC Cards

Custom Review Sign

Get more Google Reviews

$ 99
/ One Time
  • Inlcudes NFC Linked Sign
  • Includes Scannable QR Code
  • Can Update If Links Change

Mini Panda Dot

Great for Cell Phones or Desks

$ 25
/ One Time
  • Smaller and can attach to small areas
  • Update as needed

How it works

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Panda Tap Cards and Review Signs

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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital review card is a modern tool that enables customers to leave reviews and feedback easily. It can be accessed via NFC or QR Code, making the process convenient for both customers and businesses.


You can add your custom logo, choose from various card templates and colors, and even tailor the review questions to suit your business needs.


Yes, our platform offers advanced analytics. You can monitor customer sentiment, review trends, and export data for comprehensive analysis.

The Basic Plan offers 100 cards, while the Pro Plan provides 500 cards. For larger businesses, we offer an Enterprise Plan with unlimited card creation.

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iPhone NFC Scanning Locations

The NFC reader on an iPhone is situated at the uppermost center of the device, positioned just behind the front-facing camera. You can scan NFC tags from either the front or back of the phone.

Notably, NFC functionality is permanently active, commencing with the iPhone XR and all subsequent models released since 2018.

Please be aware that for successful scanning, the iPhone must be unlocked. Although the always-on display of newer iPhones may be misleading, it’s imperative that the user unlocks the phone; otherwise, scanning will not be possible.

Android NFC Scanning Guidance

Typically, on most Android devices, the scanning process occurs from the central area of the back of the phone.

To ensure successful NFC scanning, it’s essential to verify that your NFC feature is enabled. You can find the NFC toggle switch in your device settings, conveniently located alongside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings.

Please note that NFC is usually set to the “on” position by default. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that your phone needs to be unlocked in order to initiate NFC scans.

We do offer to add custom logos. 

Under certain circumstances, we accept returns or replace items. Please review our full Refund and Returns Policy

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